Jan 16, 2018

Hippocampal neuronal network supports spatial working memory and encodes future events
Published in Nature Neuroscience

Our member Dr. Sasaki and his colleagues demonstrated that spike patterns of neuronal populations arising from interactions between the hippocampal network and the dentate network are crucial for correctly performing a spatial working memory task. Their results suggest that the hippocampal circuit can retain neuronal populations related to events to be memorized and these cell ensembles can flexibly alter their activity levels in response to task demands and surrounding environments. This insight will help to understand neuronal mechanisms to efficiently and accurately complete a series of tasks in the conditions where external events are continuously changing.

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Nature Neuroscience, in press

Takuya Sasaki, Veronica C. Piatti, Ernie Hwaun, Siavash Ahmadi, John E. Lisman, Stefan Leutgeb, Jill K. Leutgeb*

Dentate network activity is necessary for spatial working memory by supporting CA3 sharp-wave ripple generation and prospective firing of CA3 neurons.
Nature Neuroscience 21, 258-269, February 2018